Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A Partial Eclipse of The Heart

Kicking off this blog during a partial solar eclipse is as good as any other day. The fact that it's during the New Moon in Taurus is even better!

Astrology always confused me and I never fit the typical description attributed to Leo. Following the Moon cycles is as good as it gets for me when it comes to the interpretation of celestial objects, signs, houses and the like. 

How long have the stars been around? Or the Moon? I have a feeling that realizing our own importance as a species came around the same time as the discovery of the cyclical nature of those objects. Myths and legends were born around them as mankind attempted to explain their own context within what they could only perceive as a hint of the universe. 

Superstitions held in place by dogma that stifled science later on in history and ensured that the secrets of the cosmos were not revealed more extensively until modern times. Eclipses were long held as harbingers of death and generally all round bad news until a smart cookie astronomer somewhere built a solar centric model of the then known solar system and started to play around with it a little. 

Here's to those who dare, in the face of ignorance, even in this age, to challenge scientific and religious dogma and seek answers to questions that others don't even have the guts to ask.