Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Consulting the High Priestess - A Tarot Ritual

For most people maybe Tarot cards and herbs are not often seen as working together. For me however, the woody scents of mugwort, lavender and many other herbs is something that is inseparable from my Tarot work. Not only do they keep my precious cards that I use for readings company but have provided a source of liberating wisdom in home circles as well as during my solitary practice as a witch in ritual. Luckily most herbs used for opening the psychic senses are easily accessible and may can even be grown in our gardens with no fuss at all.

It has been many a time that I have made myself a fortifying cup of mugwort tea with a hint of rose and lemon balm before sitting down for a reading. The steaming cup sitting on my reading table. I even made a special blend that I use for ritual purposes when I want to connect with the archetypes of my Tarot and use it to scatter it on the floor, making a circle of working space, my little haven for my magickal Tarot work. In this article I share with you this blend and the use of it, hoping that you will derive as much pleasure out of it as I have been for a long time now.

Take one part of mugwort, rose petals, lemon balm, a bay leaf or two half of eyebright. If you're intending to use this blend as an incense, you might add some sandalwood chips or frankincense to make the smell more pleasant.  Mix the herbs together in a bowl while imbuing the mix with your intention for its use. You may want to chant something like:

"Herbs of sight, bring your might, show what's hidden, bring to light."

Keep in a separate container, labelled with the name of the mix and when you made it. If you want to use it with your cards, just put some in a callico or organza bag and keep with your card. I keep the bulk of my mix in a pretty glass container. I use that to mark out a circle when I cast in my temple space before I begin working with my Tarot. You can also use this blend as an incense to burn it on a charcoal disk.

This month I have also included another ritual to go with your psychic circle blend that will bring you even closer to your inner high priestess.

If you pull out all the High Priestess cards from your decks, (that is assuming that you are like me and one deck only just won't do) and put them next to each other you will notice one thing that seems to be common in most cards. She is depicted wearing a white dress. Some would say it’s due to her position as a priestess that she chooses to remain a virgin to be bound by no man. I partially agree with this, however it’s not the only reason I think. Her independence is not only prevalent in her being in her own power but also in the fact that she is ready to receive any hidden knowledge without any prejudice, there are no ingrained behaviours that would prevent her from gaining new understanding. This to me also signifies purity of mind.

Instead of only using rational knowledge that comes from learning through experiencing, she has the power, the tools and means to access the limitless universal knowledge and therefore glean things that would otherwise remain hidden to those not privy to those skills. She not only sees what is happening in the world but also the reason behind it. Consult her when you need to connect with the wiser you to make a decision where you feel like you don’t have all the facts or when all options seem to be blocked.

To connect with you inner High Priestess, the wiser you, try this simple ritual. You will need a pomegranate, a paring knife and a plate, pen and notepad, white tea light candle, incense or oil of sage or sandalwood, The High Priestess Tarot card or a printed picture of it.

Find yourself a quiet space where you will not be disturbed for about half-an-hour. Put on some soothing music if you like. Light you candle and incense or oil in an oil burner. Write down on your notepad a question that you need clarification on or a problem you need insightful help with. Cast your circle and scatter your psychic herb blend in a circle around you, marking out the space where you will be performing your ritual.

Sit while you concentrate on your breathing until your mind is settled down. Invoke the image of The High Priestess on your card in your mind as if she were sitting opposite you, giving you a reading. Ask her your question or tell her about the problem you need her assistance with.

Sit with her for a little while she connects with you. When she signals you that she’s ready, just bring your awareness back to your space a little bit. Cut the pomegranate in half and offer her some of the seeds in exchange for her help. Take your pen and notepad and start writing down the information she’s giving you while snacking on the pomegranate seeds yourself. Write until you’ve exhausted all the knowledge she was giving you.

Leave your notes for a day or two, but at least for a few hours, then go back through them again and make your decision. If you're planning on using the blend as a tea, please make sure that you omit the bay leaves and check the rest of the herbs with a herbalist to make sure you're not taking something that might compromise your health should you ingest it.