Friday, 2 January 2015

The Naked Medium

By Andrea Kaldy
I love Jamie Oliver! I have for a long time. Ever since this fresh-faced Brit took TV by storm back in Y2K and revolutionised cooking for millions (I'm pretty sure) of devotees with his simple, back to basics style of cooking. I knew that it was that simple, uncomplicated and utterly transparent way of handling food that got me from the start and kept me watching his shows religiously. The Naked Chef, his first show was aptly named. In the intro you can hear him saying, "it's not me, it's the food!". I have to admit, the first time I had encountered the show title, without knowing what it was about, I marked it on Foxtel to make sure I wouldn't miss it. Who wouldn't want to watch a hot young chef standing behind a kitchen counter, cooking food on TV … naked. Ok, ok , I know it's not a visage for everyone to picture …

You can imagine my surprise when the show wasn't what I thought it was going to be. No bare butts, no strategically placed kitchen items, no misty camera shots or clever angles. Anyway, this is not an ode to the Naked Chef or any sort of cooking show in fact. This article is about the Naked Medium. You can be forgiven if you're now conjuring up pictures in your mind of attractive young women running around in dark buildings, talking to the dead while naked. You couldn't be further from the truth! As lucrative as it sounds for a paranormal reality show pitch, it's really not the idea I was going for. By naked, I mean using nothing but the simplest, most transparent methods of communicating with the dead.

I see many psychics, mediums, chanellers (for the purpose of this article I will call them communicators) pulling out all sorts of paraphernalia when contacting the dead. From crystal balls to crystal grids, to complicated symbols, amulets, cards, and who know what else. My personal favourite is the all purpose carry on spirit guide that is constantly on the ready like an eager genie in a bottle to pop up on request to dispense advice (often unsolicited) to others or produce vague though seemingly relevant information and even be an intermediary between the communicators and the dead. Many a time I breathed a sigh in exasperation as I was reading about, listening to or watching such practices being carried out, especially in the paranormal, my chosen field of mediumship.

I observed students of mediumship starting to use those "tools" as they were expanding on their communication skills. But as everything, even mediumship has a natural way of evolving and some students do well allowing for that natural process to take place and eventually they let go of those crutches while some never do.

Any intuitive work, including mediumship is firmly based on trusting oneself and that trust, like a kind of compass, is based on the fine calibration of the very few, simple parts that make it up and its accuracy in showing information is closely dependent on the skills of the one who uses it. In fact, there are things that may interfere with the accuracy of the instrument and can lead to misdirection. Our internal compass we use for communicating with the Other Side or gather information via psychic channels is the same. If we are not careful, our finely tuned and precision instrument can lead us astray and we can get bogged down in shallow, in essence meaningless and distracting details.

For many, their skills never go passed this point and their lack of confidence in their own compass, accompanied by fear means they will forever rely on external factors to aide them in their work. I never understood the need for those things when I knew that direct communication with the dead can be achieved. It's a lot of work and it requires commitment but what it requires the most of is the willingness to take full and complete responsibility for what comes out one's mouth when working as a communicator. "Spirit told me", or "my guide/angel/ascended master told me to tell you" etc seems  nothing more than a complacent passing off of the responsibility for the information that a communicator is producing. 

What this field needs in my view is full accountability and transparency from communicators. Clarity of process as well as language that doesn't rely on any occult, spiritual or religious mumbojumbo and affords easy understanding to anyone without the extended need to delve into complicated, obsolete and obscure practices that are more ritualistic and obscure to the observer.

Strip down your mediumship and look at what you are using and relying on that has no real value in the communication process. Things that you have become accustomed to in a habitual way. There is no reason why we shouldn't be able to contact the dead directly and I encourage all seekers on this path to have the courage to leave behind the crutches, go beyond the fear of having to take sole and complete responsibility for your communication and enjoy the confidence it eventually brings in your ability as a communicator. The rewards are worth it because you will be able to experience the contact between this world and the next in a deeper  and much more direct way. Get naked in your communications,  all you need to talk to the other side is you! Simple, uncomplicated, transparent building blocks of pure skill. Just that.